Services & Plans

The Sample Exchange digital platform is free. Read on if you need us to help with inventory management!

Sample Exchange offers the next-generation of storage and interactive services that are very different than traditional storage or bio-banking. Consider the exchange as part of your lab or institution.

  • Fully digitized and fully trackable ecosystems that are project based. Don't maintain inventory, leave it to us.

  • Collaborate through the SE platform, license or even sell specimens that are not needed

  • No nickel-and-diming, the plan covers everything including retrieval and shipping

  • Next day and 2nd-day air services are available so no interrupting your experiments

  •  Many more perks...



Storage Plans

Sample Exchange services are not expensive, and we are proud of that. You can even bank some samples with us for free! That said, we note that no two storage requirements are the same. We will customize our plans for you and build a price chart. 

-80  C Feezer storage solutions


Description of access levels is below

Individual Labs (indiv. boxes)

Small collections (100-500 boxes)

Large collections, Industry





















Customized Sample Management and Storage Services


Sample Exchange offers customized storage at various hubs within the country (note typically 4 weeks of lead time is needed for planning and operationalizing your account).

  • Western Hub 1 – San Francisco Bay Area (E.g. serving NorCal, SoCal, NM, AZ, CO and nearby states)

  • Western Hub 2 – Seattle (E.g. Serving WA, ID, WY, OR and nearby states)

  • Central Hub 1 – Greater Chicago and surrounding

  • Central Hub 2 – Greater Dallas and surrounding

  • Eastern Hub 1 – Philadelphia/Baltimore and surrounding

  • Eastern Hub 2 – Greater Atlanta and surrounding

  • US National Permanent Archive: TBD (Nevada)

  • International (per country): TBD

  • India Hub (TBD)

Storage levels and plans


Storage levels and plans are determined by number of access requests you anticipate in an year for your samples. Don’t worry if you need access on an emergency basis, we are happy to accommodate!

  1. Permanent Archive (Access once every year if needed)

  2. Semi-permanent Archive (Up to 4 access requests every year)

  3. Intermediate-active (Up to 10 requests every year)

  4. Active (Up to 2 requests very month)

  5. On demand (Anytime)

Biosafety Level X (BSL) Samples

Please contact us to discuss BSL plans


Liquid Nitrogen plans

Please contact us to discuss LN plans