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Sample Exchange is a free global platform designed to help researchers easily share, exchange and license research products collected or created in the lab!


Sample Exchange is a free global platform to help researchers easily share, exchange and license products with other researchers--products created in the lab or collected in the field, be they cell lines, environmental samples, or even data. Sample Exchange aims to be the premier, one-stop shop for all types of research products.

With Sample Exchange, you can...


Recover Project Expenses

Recover money spent on projects by out-licensing products you no longer need


Speed Up Research

Cut research time by starting from intermediate products


Reduce Collection Trips

Reduce or eliminate collection trips to gather samples


Search For Samples

Search for samples and get them shipped from colleagues


Sell Your Samples

Sell specialized products on our marketplace and connect with buyers on the platform



Interact with other researchers outside of publications

Services (for physical samples)

Research Inventory Management Services Through SE

Besides our digital platform, we also offer the next generation of sample storage and inventory management. 

For Nonprofits and Academia

  • Free Services:  Upload your samples, share, collaborate and build your network of colleagues

  • Nominal Fee Services: We can help you manage your samples. For instance, we can help you set up a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), help you with out-licensing, and so on. These services are available for a small nominal fee to cover legal costs.

  • Discounted Sample Management Services: We can help you manage your sample collection. We will index and catalog it, and we can serve as a hub for your research needs!

For Businesses, Private/For-profit Enterprises

  • Sample & Data Management Services: Let us help you with your sample management needs

  • Marketplace: An online ecommerce destination for monetizing your products

  • Short-term (transient) Storage: Do you have high-value samples that you would like to store securely for a short period of time? We can help you with your needs. Please give us a call (see below for plans and info).

  • Long-term Storage: Do you have samples that you don’t need right away but don’t want to discard? We can store your samples for the long term at highly reduced costs (see below for plans and info).

  • Customized Sample Management Services: We can create a customized plan that suits your needs. Please contact us and talk to our team.

Storage Rates:  For more information, visit our Services page

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