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The smartest way to science!

Easily find reagents, samples, chemicals, equipment 

Sell/license things you don't need

Create digital offerings from your data

A "one stop shop" for all things science.

Individual researchers, organizations and companies can share, monetize and out-license research assets which would otherwise remain locked up in storage and freezers.


Sharing preliminary and intermediate products, hard-to-obtain samples, and difficult-to-produce libraries and reagents reduces resource use, while also helping cut down on research time and effort.

Blurring the boundary between physical and digital, SE allows scientists to create any and all kind of sales and licensing arrangements for research assets and data, be they MTAs or NFTs.

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Decentralized Repositories

We are aiming to decentralize sample repositories; each lab becomes a repository

Digital Scientific Assets

Create, license and trade digital assets (like NFTs) developed from samples, data and research assets 

Focus on Small Labs

All players are equal on the platform and get equal attention from researchers, improving visibility for smaller labs

Inventory Management

Let us help you manage, store, digitize and out-license your research inventory

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What the community is saying...

“There is definitely a need in the scientific community for something like Sample Exchange. In the lab, there are always unused samples and machinery that are just collecting dust. It is also extremely hard to find materials from other groups without an already established connection.”

- Harvard Biology PhD Student

In conversation: You are making me reach for my wallet! Haha! We had the best cell lines. Maybe we should license them out.

- Former CSO, Biotech

“I remember ordering 2nd hand equipment off Ebay and having to beg people for introductions to people with samples we are interested in. I wasted so much time trying to find people. This would have totally made my life easier!”

- Harvard Scientist 

“Sample Exchange sounds like it would make our lives easier tremendously. Having an online marketplace takes away the stress from just emailing random people and hoping for a reply.”

- Harvard Pathologist/Scientist

“P.S. I did look at Sample Exchange last night – really like the idea as we discussed.  I hope it flies, cause it should!”

- Former CEO, Biotech


Showcase lab!!

" I have always felt that there should be another way to communicate with scientists besides publications. I think sample exchange will help.

I am creating a collection of aquatic samples (the “Dumbarton Collection”), I am happy to share these with other researchers".

Jean-Marie Volland, Ph.D.

Group Leader (Marine Microbiology)


The Sample Exchange Story

Scientists are always scrounging around for money. We realized we didn't have the enough grant funding to organize yet another an expensive sample collection trip to Alaska, to get permafrost samples. A researcher from the U. of Alaska helped us out by collecting samples and sharing them with us for free! How wonderful!


You can say with Sample Exchange, we are simply paying it forward!

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Example of a Permafrost Core

Image courtesy : Permafrost Laboratory, U. of Alaska (Fairbanks)

Our Story
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