Welcome to Sample Exchange!

Sample Exchange is the first global physical & digital asset ecosystem designed to help researchers easily share, exchange and license research products collected or created in the lab.

Decentralized Repositories

We are aiming to decentralize sample repositories; each lab becomes a repository

Focus on Small Labs

All players are equal on the platform and get equal attention from researchers, improving visibility for smaller labs

Digital Scientific Assets

Create, license and trade digital assets (like NFTs) developed from samples, data and research assets 

Inventory Management

Let us help you manage, store, digitize and out-license your research inventory

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Sample Exchange (SE) represents a brand new ecosystem and a "one stop shop" for all things science. SE encourages scientists, organizations and companies to share, monetize and out-license research assets which would otherwise remain locked up in storage and freezers. Sharing preliminary and intermediate products, hard-to-obtain samples, and difficult-to-produce libraries and reagents reduces resource use, while also helping cut down on research time and effort.

Blurring the boundary between physical and digital, SE allows scientists to create any and all kind of sales and licensing arrangements for research assets and data, be they MTAs or NFTs.


Join us as we launch this platform.  

Research SMART-ER! ©


Recover Project Expenses

Recover money spent on projects by out-licensing products you no longer need


Speed Up Research

Cut research time by starting from intermediate products


Reduce Collection Trips

Reduce or eliminate collection trips to gather samples


Search For Samples

Search for samples and get them shipped from colleagues


Sell Your Samples

Sell specialized products on our marketplace and connect with buyers on the platform



Interact with other researchers outside of publications


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